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I have called Protection One three times in the last month when our alarm was accidentally triggered because the volume is so weak on our keypad and my husband is hard of hearing. I was subjected to an unacceptably long wait during which a nonstop commercial played and I couldn't override it. I truly resent being taken advantage of in this fashion. Other companies either play music or allow the customer to override it but not your company. The human I finally reached was very rude about my complaint about the commercial, and she couldn't help me turn up the volume, nor could a "specialist."

All in all I am very offended and dissatisfied, and will look to change to another company as soon as I can get away from Protection One and your disgusting recorded commercials and rude customer service people and ridiculously long wait times--I hate to think of waiting like this if there was a true emergency.

Your service was much better when we first signed up. What happened?

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Your alarm system is to notify you of an alarm. Did you tell the rep that your husband was hard of hearing? In a true emergency you call 911.

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