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We have been with Protection 1 since 1992 and the recent incident has proven to me it has been a 20-years mistake: Someone at our firm recently triggered the alarm but no one from Protection 1 called. When we called Protection 1 we found out that because we switched over to VoIP phone Protection 1 is no longer connected to us.

That happened over 2 years ago so in effect we have been paying but not receiving any service for 2 years! Should they at least check the connection say once a year to make sure their customer is still ok? Oh wait, they will find out when they don't receive their high monthly fee! When calling Protection 1 it offered to send out technician to reconnect the wire for $138 for half an hour with no estimate for how long it will take.

No thanks I want to cancel. Then here is the good part, to cancel I need to pay for the remaining of a auto renewed contract (around $400) which was signed 20 years ago by someone no longer here!

On top of that, the original contract was signed with a different company who sold to Protection 1 with different term. This is simply the worst company with bad rep and unreasonable policy.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Each customer is encouraged to call in and test their system at least once a month. Customer's are told this upon installment of service.

If a customer does not do this, they have to take responsibility for the issues that may happen. I have been a P1 customer for years, and I follow the rules. I test my system monthly to make sure that it is working.

Just like your car, if you don't check your oil weekly, then it's your fault if your engine locks up because of low oil, not Jiffy Lube. People always want to blame someone else for a problem instead of taking responsibility for their part.

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