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I signed up for Protection one over 10 months ago. When I talked to the salesperson on the phone, I clearly stated that I would only be in the home for 10 more months. I relocate for my job pretty frequently. However, I was broken into and didn't feel safe not having an alarm system. He told me not a problem.

So, installation person arrives, sets everything up. He was 2 hours late so he didn't arrive to my home until almost 6. He ran into issues when installing the system and wasn't finished until 9. He proceeded to tell me he had been up since 6 and really wanted to get home. He then brought out the 5-6 page contract in 7 point type for me to sign. In all honesty, I didn't read the contract in its entirety. He was telling me had to to get home, he hadn't eaten since noon, and I just was tired myself so I signed it without reading everything through.

I didn't realize until a month ago when I tried to cancel that the contract on paper was completely different than what the salesperson sold me on the phone. I called the customer service and asked them to pull up the recorded conversation. Conveniently, the every call is recorded option didn't work in my case. The phone call was not recorded. If it had been, they would have found that the salesperson very blatantly lied to me.

I cannot renew the contract in my new place because I am not allowed to install a security system per HOA rules. Most contracts offer you an out if you are unable to fulfil the requirements of the contract. Now I have to keep paying the monthly charge for something I can't use or pay $750 to cancel. Even cell phone contracts are only $250, plus they prorate the $250 over the 2 months!!!!

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Darn near exact same thing. Any contract I enter into, I would never sign more than a two or three year because stuff changes!!!!


is there a money back guarantee for new customers?

to Anonymous #1472746

Nope...they don’t give a poop. Even if they haven’t fulfilled their side of a contract, you’re still hung...that is part of our problem.

The police department in our city apparently wants all home alert system owners to let them know when you get a security system. Ours kept malfunctioning and the company wouldn’t do anything about it. Then the police department threatened to start charging us every time it would go off and it was a false alarm. Nope.

Had to pull the plug on the system. Then protection one started calling and asking us why we weren’t using our security system so I explained to them. At this point we weren’t even 2 years into our contract (a contract that I thought was only a two or three year contract). They want me to pay to replace their *** system and then co tiniest to pay the monthly fee.

Then we end up selling our house. Great...right? New owners aren’t stupid, I can’t blame them for not wanting the system. Even after explaining all this.

And then I’m sorry, your gonna tell me that I still have to pay $750 for $150 worth of *** equipment.

My other alternative is to put a new system at my current place...absolutely not happening. Their rookie idiots can’t even install a lightbulb properly.


Here are some of the highlights from Protection One's service contract. You can judge for your self if these guys are scumbags are not.

"The term of this contract automatically renews for successive one year renewal terms unless we receive your written termination notice at least 30 days before the end of the then-current contract term. We may terminate this contract per paragraph 16 (Paragraph 16: We may, at any time, terminate this contract without liability or notice). If this contract is terminated prior to the then-current term, you agree to pay us an early cancellation fee. The cancellation fee in the initial term is $750. The cancellation fee in the renewal term in $100.

Paragraph 1: The initial term of this contract shall be three (3) years.

Paragraph 2: We may increase our Service Fees after the end of the initial term by giving you a 60 day notice.

Paragraph 3: You agree to pay, or reimburse us if we pay, all false alarm fines and assessments. We may elect to repair or replace your non-functioning existing equipment to provide our services and you agree to pay our current charges for replacement of that equipment and any other needed repairs.

Paragraph 8: Neither we nor any other person or entity affiliated with us shall be liable for any loss, injury, or other consequence arising directly or indirectly from our services or your system (or the failure of the services or system to work as intended) or delays in the installation or repair of your system. We are not liable for interruptions in our services, nor are we obligated to provide substitute services shall our services be interrupted. If we or any person affiliated with us are determined responsible for any such loss, your claims against us shall be limited to the lesser of $300 or six times your service agreement.

Paragraph 9: If any third party files any claim or legal action against us or any other entity authorized to act on our behalf, you agree to defend and hold us completely harmless from any such actions, including all damages, expenses, costs, and attorney's fees we incur. This indemnification shall apply even if such actions arise from our negligence., breach of contract, strict liability, non-compliance with ANY applicable law or regulation, or other fault.

Paragraph 10: Both you and us agree that no claim or legal action either of us may have arising out of this contract, your system, or our services may be brought more than 1 year after the date of the cause of action.

Paragraph 12: The following equipment shall remain our property [basically a list of anything they install]. You will own any other equipment we install when you completely pay the purchase price. Upon termination of this contract, you agree we may enter your premises and remove some or all of our installed equipment (including yard signs and decals) and disable your system. Should you fail or refuse to allow us access to your premises, you also agree to pay charges for our equipment and reimburse any legal charges related to trying gain access to your premises. We have NO obligation to repair or redecorate your premises after removal. There may be areas where the installer determines that it is impractical to conceal the wiring. In such cases, the wiring will remain exposed.

Paragraph 19: If either you or we elect arbitration, neither you nor we shall have the right to litigate that claim in court or to have a jury trial on that claim and pre-hearing discovery rights and post-hearing discovery rights will be limited. Neither you nor we shall be entitled to join or consolidate claims in arbitration by or against other customers with respect to other accounts, or arbitrate any claims as representative or member of a class or in a private attorney general capacity. :eek


Don't respond to their superior custome level bull. They will tell you there is nothing they can do.

What a crock of....

Daddy, may he rest in peace, taught me that there is no rule than can be changed. This company is only out to get you.


Why in the world would I sign up for a security system for 3 years? Never told it was for 3 years.

Parent died, parent put in residental care. Just wanted to secure the house until we could decide what to do.

Hate them and will see them in court. Never use them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After being a customer of Protection One for over 10 years, I decided to switch to another company due to false alarms and the fact that they charged for every service call, even when it was the fault of the system. They would not release me from my contract, which I didn't even realize I was under.

They came out for a service call and got my husband to sign a form, which he thought was for the service call. It was renewing the contract for three years.

So they finally agreed to let me pay a portion of the remaining contract, but their collection department continues to call me every week, even though I am making the agreed upon payments. I will never do business with Protection One again, and I'm so glad I switched to another service.


I have had Protection One Alarm for almost 3 years now. I pay the monthly monitoring fee.

One day my went off in the middle of the night when no doors or windows had been opened, the alarm keypad showed an error code. The customer service rep advised me to have someone come out to look at it. They came out and said nothing was wrong. Now I get a bill for $173 for labor.

This company is a rip off.

Do not go through them. They are not very willing to help customers and are all about making sales.

Kenova, West Virginia, United States #212136

I am still not able to resolve this and Protection One is still charging me a monthly service charge for the old address. New tenants have moved in and are now getting free service on my dime!!!!!


My name is Jonathan, and I am with Protection One’s Online Services team, where our focus is on resolving customer issues that sometimes occur.

At Protection One, we try to provide an superior level of customer service, and I am very sorry to read about the experience you describe here. I would like the opportunity to review your account with you, and try to find a satisfactory resolution for you. Could you please contact us anytime at (800) 438-4357 or via Live Chat at www.ProtectionOne.com ? Please be sure to provide your name, contact information or account number. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I am available Friday through Tuesday, from 3:30 PM to 12:00 AM, central time, at extension 27020.

Thank you for your time. I sincerely hope to hear from you.


to Jonathan #1223849

I have tried teo different times to reason with the customer service reps. Their answer"I am sorry your contract expires in 20 months" Five years from the original contract!!!!

This is ridiculous, why will I sign a 5 year contract? They explained to me that everytime I add something like the thermostat thing, they set up a new contract for 42 months! They never tell you that when you are paying hundreds of dollars for a thermostat's installation to be handled from your phone! Now that other companies are offering more competitve rates I am stuck with them when I coukd be saving a lot of money :/ if I want out I have to pay over one thousand dollars?????

I am so disappointed, the camera has not worked correctly since the beginning, the motion sensor has gone off several times for no reason!

I guess no company is perfecr but charging these outrageous amounts is a rip off!! I have been with then for over two years!

to Jonathan #1472751

Never!!! Jonathan, Protection One should close its doors for having one of the most corrupt business practices. I can’t believe that you’ve allowed yourself to stoop so low and continue to work for them.

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