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Well back on May 6th, my protection one box keep saying network failure. I know enough about network so I moved the box to another location.

Then it quit working completely on March 12th. So I called in and they said I had a bad celluar card we will send you one. I live in a bad area of town I asked to have shipped to my office. They assured me that is where it would go.

Didn't came to my house and was stolen of my porch May 18th . They sent me another one and I got the tracking early enough to find out it was going back to my house called protection one they said they would get in touch with FEDex and have it sent to my office. Nope sent back to them May 23rd, so I call again get another one sent out to me finally get this one hook it up May 31st I use Verizon cell phone and have 4 to 5 bars at my house hooked it up. Done what they said.

Didn't work, they said I need a bigger antenna. So today June 4th I get my bigger antenna. No this still doesn't work, so now they claim it is my box that is bad. I asked them can't they send someone to fix this I'm getting tired of waiting and shipping stuff around they said no they don't have local offices.

However what is this I found. 2148 Pelham Pkwy, Building 700, Pelham, AL 35124. I told them I was willing to pay for a service call and have someone come fix this. They said I have to wait on a label box up my unit send them the unit once they get it and figure out the problem I will get another unit.

So I have been without service for now a month. You think after everything I been through they would do something more to help. Sure free month is nice but I'm unprotected. I have already spoken to a lawyer and if I get broke into for them being stupid we are going to sue Protection One.

I'm ready to box everything up and get my money back and go with another company. This is a wasted of time and nothing but a bunch of lairs and people that don't care about the customers. They have my credit card on file and charge me ever month. What the *** would it hurt for them to over night me a new one.

I box up and send my old one in. This place needs to be sued,

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