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Our family has been harassed by aggressive sales reps through phone calls over the past two weeks (let's just say english is not their first language - they are very hard to understand)!! So far we are up to 10 phone calls from Protection One (sometimes twice in 1 day).

They have been told NOT to contact us EVER AGAIN, and they still continue to call our home phone number. When my daughters have answered the phone, the sales rep has asked each of them for their name and ages. My one daughter in particular was asked by a sales rep if he could add her on facebook and actually meet her. She told him "never" to call back again.

He then called 4 more times, each time asking specifically for her. The next call after that was a different sales rep asking for my son. When I took the phone from my daughter, he became very agressive in insisting that he needed to send someone to my house the next evening to bring me information on the company (they had already acquired my address). I threatened to call the police if he dared send anyone to my door.

I have tried tracing the phone # (it always shows private or blocked id), but the tracing message says that the number cannot be completely traced. If they call your house HANG UP! After reading other people's experiences on this site, who have unfortunately used this company's services, I can completely believe every word they say. I'm sure it's true!



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Call the BBB and the police and report Protection One for harassment!

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We would like to review your situation, please e-mail us your information at Thank you.

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As the other poster stated (Msknowledge) Protection 1 will NEVER call you without you initiating contact. They do not do telemarketing in any form for sales purposes.

If a field sales rep comes to your door, and the ARE P1, they will have an identification badge. You can ALWAYS verify the identify of someone representing P1 by calling their 800 number 24 hours a day.

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This is not P1 calling you. It is someone else.

P1 does not do telemarketing.

The only way P1 will contact you in regards to a home security system is if you contact them first. You should definitely report this to the police this is someone else.


If he is asking your daughter for information, go to the police and report him.

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